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Our portfolio of internet assets consists of various niche domain names, active services, social media, and other internet brands. We partner with entrepreneurs who have the desire to do something big but don’t know where to start. If you have an idea that fits with one of our brands, lets talk!

Chris Lopez Jr.
Strategy: Sales: Marketing

 chris lopez jrChris enjoys helping startups find greater success by identifying the missing pieces to their startup puzzle. With over 10 years in sales lead generation and online marketing, he understands what it takes to develop a sound sales & marketing strategy. He has embraced the lean startup methodology and utilizes the business model canvas to map out the process in his consulting practice.



We have several brands ready for you to fill as the startup director. Our partnership includes implementing strategies designed to automate the sales & marketing and position the company for growth.

Domain Names

We have several domain names listed in our portfolio. We hand select and purchase domains with high growth potential. Most of our domains have a twitter account that we actively engage followers to help transition from idea to startup.

Sales & Marketing

Many of our brands are already generating leads. When you partner with us, we will assist in developing a sales & marketing lead generation strategy specific to the brands business model.

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